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String Algae

String Algae-detail.jpg
String Algae-detail2.jpg

‘String Algae’ considers the proliferation of fibrous green strands of algae, which can look like long strands of green hair. They can grow out of control in polluted ponds and waterways. Excessive growth of string algae removes the oxygen that plants and fish need from pond water, and eventually it chokes the pond.


The golden yellow part of this sculptural object is a replica of a lily pond root which was killed by string algae. The original root fragment was fished from the pond, it measured about 5cm long, I 3D scanned it and printed it much larger. I then added long green strands of PLA plastic filament attaching it to the spaces where each lily pad would grow from. The strands were attached individually like fake hair.

Size: 60 cm X 35 X 35

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