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Mending Mould

Jill Townsley - Mending Mould (detail cropped).jpg

PlankSize: 124 cm high22 cm wide3 cm deep

Jill Townsley - Mending Mould (2cropped).jpg

Wall Size: 16 cm high X 11 cm wide X 10 cm deep

Jill Townsley - Mending Mould (cropped).jpg
Jill Townsley - Mending Mould.jpg

This rotted scaffold plank is held together by millions of tiny drops of PLA plastic. Each small drop was applied with a heat pen. The drops work together to re-join the wood returning it into a coherent object. The orange structure resembles the moulded spores that rotted the wood in the first place. The plastic ‘mending mould’ follows the natural fissures of the wooden surface, travelling the journey of the original rotting process.


The small wooden fragment attached to the wall, is pitted with woodworm holes. From these holes grow a PLA plastic structure representing growth, it reaches into the space above the object.


These two complementary structures present material and processes to highlight a space between the eternal nature of decay and a humanistic drive for fake synthetic repair or construction.

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