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3D prints, fake grass and video, 400 X 80 X 400 cm

Inspired by the single celled marine creatures, classified as Foraminifera. The online website ‘World Foraminifera Database’ describes foraminifera as:

‘Foraminifera are essentially marine and estuarine-dwelling protozoans living in all environments from the greatest depths right up to highest astronomical tide level and from the equator to the poles.’ (

These marine creatures are single celled organisms that usually produce a shell, many of them are extremely small, less than 0.5mm. Despite there diminu)ve size they are infinitely abundant, forming a thick blanket over one third of the earths surface. The organisms’ shells (called test’s) offer a taxonomy of abundant forms and structures both fascina)ng and enlightening to our understanding of growth and form.

When foraminifera die, they also leave the trace of their existence in most sedimentary rocks as fossils. They are referenced by the naturalist, biologist and mathema)cian Darcy Wentworth Thompson, published in his important 1917 book ‘On Growth and Form’.

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