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Float & Evergiven - a two screen video installation
Part of The Present as the 'Space' Between project

Float - Video still, 3mins

Evergiven - Video still, 3mins

This two screen video installation was made during a year long artist in residency with the SciArtproject at the EU Commissions Joint Research Centre in Italy. It was one outcome from an ongoing collaboration with scientist - philosopher Nicole DEWANDRE (DG EC-CAB).

The work considers themes of time, temporality, natality, and Arendt's theoretical triad of labour-work-action. The two video's are presented simultaneously. 


In Float a mirrored scene doubles the screen, forming a seam in the middle. From this centre space, white cones emerge. Made from cellulose paper they multiply and float into the distance to eventually dissolve onto the water of the lake. This video offers multiple, transformative moments of emergence over time, as each cone pierces the surface of the mirrored lake.

In direct contrast to this video is a singular moment dying away. The EverGiven video presents 100 news-clips harvested from around the world, all presenting the same stiory of the container ship the EverGiven. The EverGiven got stuck across the Suez Canal for 6 days and 7 hours in March 2021. Blocking one of the most important trading routes and so the movement of goods throughout the world. It is estimated it cost $9.6 billion in lost trade.

The two video soundtracks also interact; The EverGiven starts with a cacophony of news presenters urgently telling the story in multiple languages simultaneously. As the video progresses each news flash fades away and the Zoom screen of news becomes empty and silent.

As the sound of the EverGiven disappears the gentle sound of nature, birds and lapping water, emerges from the Float video.

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